Massage Therapy

Rates and Services


Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy is provided by therapists who are registered and in good standing with their Governing Body CMTBC. Massage therapy can be used for treating both acute and chronic conditions. It is the manual manipulation of tissues to relieve pain or overall stress, prevent acute injury, and assist in both immune and circulatory health. Therapists may use a variety of techniques during treatment including, but not limited to: Swedish, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, postural awareness, stretching, strengthening and homecare/education. 

Our RMTs offer Direct Billing to most Insurance Providers. Please check with your Insurance provider to check your coverage prior to your appointment. 

Our practitioners have taken continuing education in various areas in

massage therapy and RMT services offered at Dailey health & Wellness

Pregnancy Massage RMT

This massage is designed for women before, during and shortly after pregnancy. We use a pillow support system designed specifically for the safe and comfortable treatment of expectant mothers right from conception until birth! This pillow support system allows the mom-to-be the ability to receive treatment while comfortably laying face down: what a treat! Most women don’t want to leave after having some greatly appreciated “tummy time”. With a variety of removable and adjustable pillows and wedges, we are able to completely customize a fit for your constantly changing body. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy or treatment please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized plan to put your mind at ease.

Ask us about infant massage treatments! Your baby could benefit the same way you do!

Relaxation Massage (Non-RMT)

Student practitioners are currently enrolled in a recognized RMT educational program. Students are able to provide relaxation treatments at a discounted rate while they gain experience toward finishing their educational program.

Student practitioners are not qualified to provide services which would be submitted to any medical benefits programs.

This is ideal for individuals with no extended medical coverage who may benefit from some relaxation massage.

Students are also unable to touch patients who have an active WorkSafeBC or ICBC claim.

Relaxation Massage can be used for symptomatic relief for most everyday aches and pains.


45 min

$ 105
  • This is a great option for those on a time crunch or who may only require a small area treated. We highly suggest your first appointment be a minimum full hour to discuss your personal needs in regards to appropriate treatment length. 45 minutes is only offered as a follow-up appointment. All appointments will include assessment, treatment and any suggested home care

60 min

$ 125
  • This is the most popular appointment scheduled with our Registered Massage Therapists. We encourage all patients to book a 60 minute appointment the first time to allow for a complete assessment with their therapist. All appointments will include assessment, treatment and any suggested home care.

90 min

$ 210
  • This is a great option for those who take a little longer to relax and let go or for those with multiple areas needing treatment. Please note that this appointment length is only for returning patients. If you are interested in a 90 minute appointment, talk to your therapist to see if this is the right fit for you!

60 minute appointment Non-RMT Massage

$ 60

90 minute appointment Non-RMT Massage

$ 100

This treatment type is ideal for individuals with no extended medical coverage, who may benefit from some relaxation massage. This appointment will include assessment, special testing, treatment and follow up with homecare suggestions.

*Non RMT massage providers are unable to work on patients who have an active WorkSafeBC or ICBC claim.

*Massage provided by Non-RMT massage providers is not claimable via medical insurance