Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before your massage!

Every medical plan is structured a little bit differently. If you are unsure of what services/ how much per appointment will be covered it is best to contact your insurance company directly, as we do not have access to your file. We are more than happy to keep you up to date on the number of appointments you have received each calendar year. More information about direct billing.

The simple answer is no, you do not need a referral to see a Registered Massage Therapist. However, should you wish to bill your extended medical plan, some insurers do require a physician’s note prior to treatment. It is best to consult your extended medical plan.

Absolutely! We are happy to say we offer direct billing to over 30 insurance companies! 

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Your appointment time is reserved especially for you, cancelling last minute or not attending your appointment does not give your therapist a chance to fill that space with someone else who needs care. Failure to cancel within 24 hours or “no-show” an appointment will result in a fee equivalent to the cost of the missed service. 

At your first massage, your therapist will review your health history form and discuss your treatment goals. You may be asked to perform functional testing or range of motion assessment. Your therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you and exit the room. At this time you will undress to the level discussed with your therapist, and make yourself comfortable on the table. Before re-entering the room your therapist will knock on the door to ensure privacy. If you have questions or concerns please contact our office

At this time we do not offer student discounts. If you are a full time student and under the age of 26, check to see if you are registered on your parents extended medical. Everyone has a different plan, talk with your parents to see what coverage may be available.

We do not have an in-office receptionist. Our voicemails are checked and responded to throughout the day by our virtual receptionist. For the fastest service, we ask that you contact us either via email or by booking online. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time to minimize traffic at this time.

We accept cash, debit, visa, master card, interaction e-transfer and offer direct billing to over 30 insurance companies.

prenatal massage therapy is performed by an RMT. These prenatal massage pillows allow the mom-to-be to lay on her tummy safely during the appointmentYes, Massage therapy is safe during all stages of pregnancy! Our therapists are trained to modify treatment styles and positioning to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your prenatal care please call or email us.

Anything goes! Your therapist will make recommendations for the level of undress as per your designated treatment. You will always be fully covered by a sheet, and your therapist will only undrape the area being treated at that moment. Skin to skin contact is best for massage, so the more skin available to treat, the smoother your treatment will be.

  • patient intake forms (if not completed in advance online)
  • assessment/evaluation
  • hands on treatment
  • remedial excercise/homecare
  • administration

As of November 2020 we will offer treatments by Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) as well as RMT Student Practitioners. Registered status is achieved after completing a diploma program at an accredited school AND passing the standardized board registration exams. Continuing education is required by all registrants to keep their licensing up to date and all RMTs are subject to strict bylaws as well as the Health Providers Act. See Below for more information about Student Practitioners.

Student practitioners are currently enrolled in a recognized RMT educational program or have Graduated and are awaiting official registration. Students are able to provide relaxation treatments at a discounted rate while they gain experience toward finishing their educational program. Student practitioners are not qualified to provide services which would be submitted to any medical benefits programs. This is ideal for individuals with no extended medical coverage who may benefit from some relaxation massage. Students are also unable to touch patients who have an active WorkSafeBC or ICBC claim. Relaxation Massage can be used for symptomatic relief for most everyday aches and pains.

We are currently not accepting anyone with an open WorksafeBC claim. If you have an open ICBC claim we provide private pay options which include the completion of required treatment plans. Direct Billing is unavailable at this time. Please note that Student Practitioners are not allowed to see ANYONE with an open ICBC or WorkSafeBC claim.

RMTs are regulated medical professionals. As such we do not accept tips and we are unable to offer refunds for services rendered. The same policies apply for all medical professionals in the Provice of British Columbia.

Non-RMT massage practitioners are not medical professionals.  If you choose to tip your practitioner you may do so, but there is never an expectation!