All about Dailey Health

Our Exciting Past, Present and Future!

Our Story:
The "Dailey" Cycle

Dream It

It all begins with an idea. Our dreams started in 2016 with the purchase of a cozy heritage home located in Mission, BC, full of good vibes and character. It wasn’t long before the idea of building a true-to-character holistic wellness clinic came to life. With this idea in mind, Dailey Health & Wellness was born. What would the original owners think?! With a plan to maintain the integrity of this 1930’s gem, this idea screamed for a name filled with history. Using Teagan’s middle name, Dailey – Gaelic for “To Gather Together” – was the perfect choice for our clinic. A place where our RMTs gather together with a common goal of providing the best care to our hometown of Mission.

Build It

In 2017 plans were drawn, redrawn, and drawn again to create a multi-room clinic space from dirt. Literally dirt. We built our design while feeding inspiration from the original 1930’s brick chimney and wide wooden support beams and were ready to open our doors Spring of 2018. We are so happy to say that all of the wood you see from beams to business card holders are from pre 1930’s, original to the house and a strong piece of old Mission history. What better way to honour some of our local history! Want a little history on our house? Feel free to ask for a mini history lesson! 

Grow It

What a year 2020 turned out to be. We were ready to grow in so many ways! Amid Covid-19 Teagan was married, Amanda joined the team, Keenan started school and together they began to grow Dailey Health & Wellness.

2021 and 2022 have shaped up to be a year of growth! All of this unexpected, and wonderful growth has us inspired and ready to dream even bigger!